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The new Denim Days selvedge socks

Our new online webshop is running smoothly and the first orders are already shipped out to people worldwide. Next to unique products from the coolest brands, denim initiatives, and our fine selection of vintage denim styles we offer also our own developed products.

We’re proud to share our new selvedge socks which we developed with Dutch socks master Alfredo Gonzales. With these socks, you can show your real dedication to denim as it honors the slow process and authentic craftsmanship of denim production.

Special made socks developed with Alfredo Gonzales

In 2011, Alfredo Gonzales came out of anonymity to launch their first sock collection. Their positive and rebellious attitude has led to a unique position in the fashion industry. With their refreshing designs, they make life a bit more beautiful as it offers a statement for ankles around the world. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but their socks are flying out all over the world, so everyone can rock their comfortable beauties in style.

The lifestyle approach of Alfredo Gonzales goes hand in hand with the mindset of Denim Days, so a perfect match to create the ultimate denim socks.

Honors the selvedge production process

The design of the Denim Days socks shows the selvedge lines of authentically produced pairs of jeans. These lines can be seen when you cuff your jeans. The most common selvedge fabrics are usually white with red-colored yarn in the middle. Due to this red yarn, this type of selvedge is called redline selvedge.

Back in the days, all denim fabrics were selvedge as they’re woven on small authentic looms which run by a wooden shuttle. As the shuttle runs back and forth, you will create a self-finished edge on both sides of the fabric, which means they don’t fray.

Nowadays fabrics are mostly woven on modern projectile looms. These looms are around 10 faster compared to shuttle looms. They used these modern looms when denim became more popular as a fashion style next to workwear.

The beauty of selvedge fabrics is that the slower pace of shuttle looms puts less tension on the yarn, which results in more slubs than character to the denim fabric.

The details of the socks

The selvedge Denim Days socks are made of 78% organic cotton, 18% nylon, and 4% lycra. The design of the socks shows the selvedge lines on the outside, while the inner side is clean blue with our logo. At the top, there’s the Alfredo Gonzales button as a reference that it's a genuine pair made by them using 168 needles to knit.

The outcome is a high-quality made sock that is comfortable to wear, also due to its seamless toe. The selvedge Denim Days socks are now available here in two different sizes as 38-41 and 42-45.


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