Denim Days is on a mission; Towards a Brighter Blue!

We invite all denim lovers and stakeholders in the industry to share their passion for denim, but also to exchange information and ideas about a more responsible - both social and environmental - denim industry. 

Monthly topic

Every month a new #brighterblue topic will be introduced on this platform and our Instagram account @denimdaysfestival. Here we challenge our followers to participate in the mission and give us feedback by posting about the topic using #brighterblue.


Needless to say, we will reward the best post(s). You are in for a win-win: A #brighterblue denim industry vs. a nice prize! 

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December 2021
creativity month

Creativity: The use of imagination or original ideas to create something. 

We want to honor creativity this month, as it forms the fundament of all good ideas and problem solving. Let’s ignite our creativity this month and: create, experiment, break with routines and open up to new perspectives. 


The #brighterblue challenge will be announced at @denimdaysfestival on December 1.