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Denim Days is on a mission; Towards a Brighter Blue!

We invite all denim lovers and stakeholders in the industry to share their passion for denim, but also to exchange information and ideas about a more responsible - both social and environmental - denim industry. 

Monthly topic

Every month a new #brighterblue topic will be introduced on this platform and our Instagram account @denimdaysfestival. Here we challenge our followers to participate in the mission and give us feedback by posting about the topic using #brighterblue.


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APRIL 2022

This month is all about our event. Denim Days The Market Edition, where we can all meet up and feel & buy all these denim goodies. Next to that we will have some special workshops for you and not-to-miss, inspiring talks. It's going to be awesome! 22 & 23 April in De Hallen & Denim City Amsterdam. 

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