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10 question for Solomon Russel

Name: Solomon Russell

Instagram ID: @lefthandtwill

Daily work: LHT

Who are you and what are you doing within the (denim) industry?

I’m the owner and creative director of LHT which began as a vintage buying/selling company and has organically grown into a brand of itself. So right now continuing to grow in the most authentic and sustainable way is my main focus.

What are you currently working on?

I just finished a collaboration with Soorty Enterprises! The name of the collection is called “Own Your Denim” which is also LHT’s mantra. We took garments from my vintage archives and updated them with eco-friendly fabrics and geared the looks to a more modern wearer. In addition to the physical pieces, the Soorty team also made a digital collection for the collab using CLO 3-D.

What is the biggest achievement so far in your career?

The biggest achievement so far is being chosen for the Rivet 50 2021 list as “An Agent of Change.” I don’t proclaim to be an activist, however I’m aware of social issues in the community of black and brown people and I feel a responsibility to speak about what's going on with the injustices that happen and try to help out different communities if I can.

What is/are your favorite denim brand(s), and why?

I’m a big fan of A.P.C. - everything they do is so sleek and clean. They’re a complete brand and that's something that I aspire to do as well. I also have some friends that are doing some real cool things too like Fred & Co and CMBD.

What is your favorite denim store, and why?

Anytime you get to know the people behind a store or a brand and they’re just as genuine as their product that goes a long way. So it's definitely Standard & Strange, they have some good people over there.

What do you think we can expect in the (near) future of denim developments as it comes to sustainability?

I know the denim industry is striving to make a more sustainable product, cutting plastics from garments, different dyeing techniques and alternatives to cotton. That’s all great and the innovation is cutting edge but I’d like to see more access to these products in neighborhoods that aren’t necessarily able to attain those products, due to cost of living and the actual cost of these products. How this happens is a question that should be further discussed and also a question I don’t have the answer to at the moment.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your work?

Value yourself, still learning and working on that.

If you could be someone else for one day, who would you be, and why?

Wow, haha… this is a hard one but I’d say Curtis Mayfield. I love his style, his music will no doubt live forever. I’d know for a day at least how it would feel to be a legend.

Can you describe your ultimate pair of jeans?

I strive for comfort and when it comes to denim being comfortable in your jeans is important. Alongside comfort- I like it raw, selvedge, lighter weight and straight legged. I guess that's pretty typical denim head stuff for me haha.

Do you have a life slogan, or one that inspires you?

I have two quotes that I remind myself with:

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” - Thomas Edison

“Well, I respect your ambition Willie but you gotta have visiooon.” - Bell (Willie Dynamite)

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