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10 questions for Alice Tonello

Name: Alice Tonello

Instagram ID: @alice_tonello_

Daily work: Managing the best things in Tonello: people, creativity, new projects and ideas, doing research, and comparing myself with the rest of the team.

Who are you and what are you doing within the (denim) industry?

I am Alice Tonello and I am the Marketing and R&D Director of Tonello Company. In Tonello we design and produce technologies for improving garment finishing, like lasers, washing and dyeing machines, ozone technologies and many more.

What are you currently working on?

Working on a dream :-)

I'm working on an approach that is more inclusive than in the past, both internally and externally, and that also focuses on sharing with the younger generation a totally new approach to the industry, one that is much more responsible and conscientious in many ways, including and especially on the human side of it all.

What is the biggest achievement so far in your career?

Having succeeded in transforming a metal mechanical company, a mere producer of machines, into a producer of ideas, supported by an equally capable team.

What is/are your favorite denim brand(s), and why?

I don't have a favorite denim brand.

What is your favorite denim store, and why?

Candiani Custom in Milan, where, among the Tonello machines, it is possible to make a made-to-measure garment, choosing every detail: from the fabric, to the rivets, to the washing.

Candiani store, Milano, Italy

What do you think we can expect in the (near) future of denim developments as it comes to sustainability?

Know if a garment is really sustainable through concrete and real parameters.

What is the most valuable lesson your have learned during your work?

We are all human beings at work, and as such, that is what matters most.

If you could be someone else for one day, who would you be, and why?

Honestly I have never thought of being someone else, I don't have all this awareness :-) moreover I think it is hard enough to be yourself, let alone just think of being someone else!

Can you describe your ultimate pair of jeans?

Local, ethical, custom-made, made to last and dress to perfection.

Do you have a life slogan, or one that inspires you?

Follow the white rabbit − Alice in Wonderland

'Tonello People'


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