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Amsterdenim x Blueprint Amsterdam t-shirt collaboration

Amsterdenim x Blueprint Amsterdam t-shirt collaboration

To celebrate the kick-off from our fresh new Denim Days site we joined forces with Dutch denim brand Amsterdenim, and indigo-dye craftswomen Blueprint Amsterdam. The outcome of this collaboration is a limited edition of two existing Amsterdenim t-shirt designs but now transformed into special indigo-dyed blue versions.

The collaboration partners

Amsterdenim is an Amsterdam-based denim brand that develops so-called head-to-toe collections, for women and men since 2014. Blueprint Amsterdam pays homage to the authentic Japanese indigo-dye technique via workshops (offline and online), and she dyes items with indigo on request for big players in the industry too.

The two indigo-dyed t-shirts

As said, we used two key t-shirt designs from the Amsterdenim collection. The originals are plain, white, so the perfect base to indigo-dye. Both shirts are dyed twice by Blueprint Amsterdam, but the outcomes of both are different.

The anchor shirt

The anchor design of the shirt is inspired by the rich nautical history of the city of Amsterdam. The highly detailed puff print anchor artwork is made by Marian Vrij, and is placed on the chest and back of the shirt. The shirt itself is made of heavy 220 gsm organic cotton.

This shirt is first regularly indigo-dyed in the indigo vat, but for the second dip it’s wrinkled dipped to achieve a special ‘marble look’.

Jeans blue print shirt

The jeans blue print shirt features an AMSTRDNM 1275 print on the front and a jean maker denim blue print on the back. All the elements of how to cut and sew your jeans are part of this design. This shirt is also made of heavy 220 gsm organic cotton.

The shirt is indigo-dyed twice to reach a beautiful uniform blue color.

Exclusive availability

The Amsterdenim x Blueprint Amsterdam indigo-dyed shirts are now exclusively available at Denim Days here and made in a limited run, so act fast!


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