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Artwork - Exquisite Blue Towers

Three artists, three cities, three towers.

The Exquisite Blue Towers collaboration is a collection of artworks completed by three artists, all making a contribution to the same art piece. Taking inspiration from each other's mark making and styles, the artist collective ideas work to form the finance result.

Inspired by the surrealist movement of the early 20th century, artist Juan Manuel Gomez, Holly E. Brown & Mauricio Arroyave, created a series of collaborative artwork with towers as the connection between three cities; Biella, NYC and Medellín.

Utilizing the techniques of drawing, painting and printmaking with Recycrom™. Using 100% recycled materials, Recycrom™ is a revolutionary technology developed by the Italian textile chemical company Officina+39 to create long-lasting colours with a natural washed-out look.

The work was showed at Denim Days in April 2022. Exquisite Blue Towers will travel for exhibition in Italy, NYC and Medellín in 2022-23.

The work was showed at last Denim Days in April. Exquisite Blue Towers will travel for exhibition in Italy, NYC and Medellín in 2022-23.

About the artists

from left to right: Juan Manuel, Holly E. Brown and Mauro Arroyave

Juan Marcel is a Colombnian artis paint from Medellín with a totally different style than others. He is better known as De Ver Azul. He creates paintings using indigo and blue as his main color, but not with pencils, but with tools from an original jean maker. This different approach gives his art a very special and unique look. Juan worked for many years in the denim laundry process where he learned his blue skills. That's also how he came up with the idea to do something different, something really outstanding which is now used in this collaboration art friends projects. @deberazul

Holly E. Brown, owner of Clockworks Press® is an artist, printmaker and art educator based in Brooklyn, NYC. Holly's graphic prints and drawings are inspired by architecture and balance the rhythm between the rawness of reality and the abstract. Through her dynamic compositions Holly's work evokes a precise structure and control of the urban environment around us. Using a reductive approach to collagraph printmaking she juxtaposes and layers the positive and negative allowing space, form and perspective to be carefully interwoven. Her passion for sustainablility got her working on repurposed denim. Holly continues to print on both paper and denim with a strong love for the indigo blue palette. @clockworkspress

Maura Arroyave is a painter from Medllín, plastic artist, art director, art designer, with more than 12 years of experience designing showrooms, a lover of dogs and of Sarah the mermaid. He reflects on spaces as a reference, but not as an exclusive result of a specific observation in a certain area, but rather as the summary of experiences lived remembrance memory conjugated in an immediate environment; present in the room, the house, the corner, the city... @arroyavepintura

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