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Mud Jeans & van Gogh Museum® capsule collection

The Dutch circular denim brand MUD Jeans, has created a capsule collection from recycled denim in cooperation with the famous Van Gogh Museum® in Amsterdam.

The collection consists of various models of jeans, a denim jacket, kimono and a sleeveless denim vest. The apron and bag are available in the museum shop, the rest is available on MUD’s webshop.

All items feature lasered details such as the handwriting and sentences from Van Gogh's letters and embroidered back prints of Van Gogh's masterpieces Almond Blossom and Self-portrait with grey felt hat. This collection is based on a shared passion for a beautiful planet and a belief in a better future.

They have merged intricate artwork with forward-thinking technology and design. Each piece contains 30% hemp fibers that perfectly co-exist with the 20% recycled post-consumer denim and 50% organic cotton.

Their goal is to celebrate better times ahead by creating good jeans that allow a positive future for the generations to come. Fine details such as the green and orange ‘V’ stitch on the jeans in this collection represent this shared believe, green representing nature and orange a colour of action.

The collection partly (30%) consists of hemp fabric, a revolutionary and very durable fabric. Hemp can grow in many ecosystems, no irrigation systems or pesticides are needed as simple rainwater will do the job. This means that more hemp can be grown without disturbing vulnerable terrain.

The collection is created by production partners that ensure an honest and safe production process and use Cradle2Cradle indigo dye.


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