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Pop-up expo Petra Lunenburg X Amsterdam Denim Days

Artist and illustrator Petra Lunenburg will be exhibiting during Amsterdam Denim Days from 21 - 23 April 2022 in the I love illustration Gallery at De Hallen Amsterdam. For this occasion she worked on a series of drawings entitled: 'Denim Dazed - Paper patchwork'. All works are for sale.

Bell-bottom, boot-cut, shrink-fit, stone-washed, 501.... just a few famous denim treatments and designs, which inspired the artist for this show. Lunenburg: 'Use what you've got- is not just a powerful motto, but an answer to the destructive side-effects of denim. When I was asked by the gallery owner to present my work during Denim Days I knew instantly it had to be on patch-working and recycling the famous fabric."

Denim Dazed - Paper patchwork

Shows a divers series of raw works on paper - depicting female figures in poses referencing vintage advertisements as well as Lunenburg's personal interpretations of jeans. 'Patchwork' furthermore, is widely applied as a technique in her own drawings in which parts are drawn and covered up again. The result is a vibrating, multi-layered body of work, expressing freedom, sexuality and life.

Petra Lunenburg graduated in 1996 as a fashion designer at ArtEZ Arnhem and has since worked as an illustrator for various fashion labels & magazines such as G-Star, Adidas, Nike, Yarn Unit and ELLE. She has been a contributor for Nick Knight's SHOWstudio. She also teaches fashion illustration at ArtEZ and Artemis as a guest lecturer. Focusing on illustration and drawing over the last few years she has developed as a fine artist creating a highly feminine, free and suggestive style. Her distinctive signature whose raw minimalistic abstraction creates a sense of ambiguity, is influenced by both fashion and fine art history such as René Bouché and Egon Schiele. She has explored her passion for nudes in a variety of media incorporating marker, ink, crayon and acrylic on paper. Petra Lunenburg reveals a world of allure created by sensuous and seductive portrayals of her subjects. ‘I am interested in capturing anything beyond the physicality of my subjects. Visualizing energetic rhythms of human figures, movements, expressions and looks is what I am conveying, ideally fully guided by my lines.‘

Pop-up expo Petra Lunenburg Thursday April 21 - Sunday May 1, 2022 Opening: Thursday April 21, 4-8 PM

Location I love illustration Gallery, De Hallen Amsterdam, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 5


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