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Ready to meet some of our pals? You’ll find them at Denim Days - The Market Edition (part 2/2).

There's a lot to see coming Amsterdam Denim Days on April 22 & 23. To give you a head start, we give you an overview of the brands you can meet (part 2/2).

Advance Denim

Advance Denim (°1987) is a denim maker with a green heart for innovation and people. At Denim Days they will show passionate denim lovers how the symbiosis of the latest sustainable indigo innovations and high-tech denim opens a new window to the future. Besides new hope and inspiration, Advance Denim will treat all visitors to a unique hand-painted personalized small denim bag. Come and discover the future of denim at their booth.

Advance Denim


They will be bringing SASHIKODENIM inspiration to the fair, from timeless hand stitched denim creations to do-it-your-self stitch kits. At this years event we will be releasing our first artwork logo shirt (Illustration by Notti). The Needle Warrior is screen printed locally and will be for sale in limited run at the denim days.


Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo is proud to be Europe's first vintage denim store - and not just for the blue blooded denim connoisseur. Mood Indigo accumulates the best the world of denim has to offer; from American craftmanship, Japanese self-edge denim and original moleskine workwear with an authentic touch of wear, tear and repair.

Mood Indigo

Ornament Hemp

Ornament aims to set a new standard in today's fashion market by using only sustainable materials for its garment production such as hemp and other organic/recycled materials. We use our creations as a medium to inform people about the benefits of hemp for our planet and to help grow the hemp revolution in order to bring sustainable change for humanity. We create consciously crafted unisex goods with intention and reason behind every stitch.

Ornament Hemp

Primary Archive

Primary Archives is an archive of selected garments personally loved and collected during the years. Each piece has been discovered and chosen according to criteria of uniqueness and state of art. Some products come from discarded garments, others from stock abandoned in warehouses, or from military and heavy duty surplus. The garments are reconditioned, washed and repaired with artisanal techniques, bringing them back to their original state and natural perfection.

Primary Archive

Rumble Speed Shop

They are fans of Vintage Workwear, French Moleskine, Americana, Japanese Craft, Vintage Leather Jackets, Denham Jackets, and Custom-Motorcycle Culture. Rumble Speed Shop loves the world of the outdoors and motorcycles and has chosen that perspective for selecting and producing goods, writing stories and taking pictures. They'll bring an extensive collection of vintage Denham Jackets, Leather Jackets, Rumble designs and so much more to Denim Days.


Workshop Live Painting on Denim, hosted by Naveena Denim & Endrime - for all ages!

Naveena denim mills


ORTA's VR Journey immerses you in a 3D world of travel, stories, and fabric possibilities in a gaming, 'zenfulness' experience. ORTA developed this VR denim journey as a sustainable way to engage more personally with denim lovers, while offering a mindful, relaxing 'zenfulness' experience to offset the stress, that many of us are experiencing today... ORTA invites you to always take the Scenic Route with their VR denim journey experience that combines the wonder of travelling in a hot air balloon with gaming gestures that let you explore ORTA's leading denim fabrics.

Orta's VR denim journey experience


Circular Explorations: Recipe for Change

Circular Explorations is a collaborative and an educational exercise, between Officina+39 and Adriana Galijasevic (Cocircularlab) showcasing using waste as a resource and prolonging the life of the garment through color.

Furthermore, it reiterates the need for transparency and creation of infrastructure that will enable material reuse.

The will show during DD some garments donated by these Brands:

Tommy for Life / CP Company / Organic Basics /Asics / Lenzing - Tencel / Camo

Reinvented those using Recycrom™ recycled colors as common ingredients.

During Denim Days they will also offer an activation to the consumers, where they can apply RECYCROM™ in secondhand garments.

Officina +39 Circular Explorations

Blue Print Amsterdam x Terra

Psychedelic Veggie Socks Dye Workshop, Hosted by Blue Print Amsterdam, Sponsored by Terra. Learn about the new natural dyes of Terra and dye your own psychedelic pair of socks, there is a nice little takeaway gift!

Blue Print Amsterdam x Terra invitation


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