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Spotlight on Mohinders, brand to see at The Market Edition Part II

This time we put the spotlight on Mohinders, an unique shoe brand that you can find at Amsterdam Denim Days Part II coming Friday and Saturday.

Mohinders is a small shoe business based in San Francisco, Mumbai, and Athani, India. Their designs are deeply rooted in the shoemaking traditions of Northern Karnataka, a region in India.

Working with families of 3rd- and 4th-generation shoemakers and leather tanners, Mohinders strive to uphold respectful design and sustainability from start to finish.

Their mission

Mohinder believes in providing support for heirloom leather shoemaking, upholding respectful design and low environmental impact. For Mohinders, this means adhering to the following practices:


Transparency in sharing the collections' makers and place of origin, in Northern Karnataka; working with the people who have always made this style of shoe, (vs. appropriating designs for production elsewhere).


Centralizing heirloom materials, designs and processes in their products – heirloom bag-tanned water buffalo leather, shoe designs that evolved in Athani, and techniques passed down to the third- and fourth-generation shoemakers who work with them.

Environmental impact

They reduce their footprint through: dedication to traditionally-tanned water buffalo leather; fewer synthetics and more biodegradable materials; naturally-dyed colors; organic and recycled packaging choices; creating shoes that last and age beautifully.

Collaborative design

The shoes are designed to last for years, not just a season. This means: crepe rubber soles to protect footbed stitches and midsoles; lining leather and footbed cushion, for a custom fit that lasts; design choices that allow easily re-soling, extending your shoes’ life. Mohinders make re-soling easy with their own Re-Soling Program.

Visit Mohinders at Amsterdam Denim Days - The Market Edition Part II


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