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Spotlight on Solidarity Selvedge, project to see (and buy) at Denim Days The Market April '23

Introducing the unique ‘Solidarity Selvedge’ project - a Turkish-Dutch collaboration to set up an exchange program that connects the disaster-stricken Turkish textile community with Amsterdam’s denim network.

“During a dinner with the Turkish Denim Deal delegation members in Amsterdam just days after the earthquake, we talked about how we - as a denim community - could join hands to help rebuild the victims’ features” - James Veenhoff, House of Denim board member. Following the disastrous earthquake in Anatolia, our first concern was to help people with food, shelter and medicine. However, as our scope turns to repair and rebuild, we wondered how we could show our solidarity on a longer term.

How could House of Denim Foundation, Denim City, Jean School and Denim Deal partners help provide perspective, maybe even hope; for denim and fashion students and young industry professionals from the disaster-stricken area? 'Solidarity Selvedge' was established by the Not-for-profit partners to help collect donations for Turkey and Syria earthquake victims These regions have been the heart of textile production and denim fabric manufacture for decades.

Solidarity Selvedge, Denim with a cause

Together with partners from Amsterdam and Turkey, they came up with the ‘Solidarity Selvedge’; a project to raise funds for an annual exchange program that brings together textile students from the earthquake area with students from Jean School and the House of Denim Incubator program. House of Denim will host the group of Turkish students at Denim City Amsterdam and provide a tailor made program.

Limited edition jeans, designed in Amsterdam, made in Turkey

In close collaboration with their partners, they produced a limited series of selvedge jeans, which will be sold to raise money for funding the exchange. Jean School students designed the fit and House of Denim incubator talents created a unique ‘Richter Scale Tremor’ design, which is disguised as a stitching in the back pocket. “This subtle, yet iconic design refers both to the earthquake’s tremor and to a heartbeat, symbolizing the impact we hope to make with this new connection.”

Mariette Hoitink, Director, House of Denim Foundation & the House of Denim Talent Incubator Program; “It’s great to see Dutch and Turkish industry players come together in this project. A wonderful, 100% organic denim fabric was provided by Bossa Denim, boasting a selvedge of dark ‘pepper’ red and cream, a reference to famous produce from the region. Bossa, Ereks-BlueMatters, APXpress, Denim City, Jean School and House of Denim are supporting this project on a pro-bono basis.”

You can help by buying a pair of the limited Solidarity Selvedge jeans!

The limited edition will be sold for 250 euros during Denim Days - The Market.

Add the upcycled logo t-shirt hand printed in Amsterdam to complete the look.

This is the first step towards a long term commitment to nurture & educate the next generation from both countries Toward a brighter Blue.

All proceeds from the Solidarity Selvedge project will be used towards the exchange & education pro- gram for young professionals.

Photography by Mika Jansen

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nitin kapoor
nitin kapoor
Jun 20, 2023

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