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TENCEL™ celebrates 30 years of sustainable fiber innovation

Since 1992, Lenzing's flagship textile brand TENCEL™ has empowered companies across the textile value chain to adopt more eco-friendly practices by producing fibers made from renewable wood sources. From their botanic origin, to the low environmental impact of production, to eventual biodegradability on disposal, the fibers exemplify sustainability in the textile industry.

This year, TENCEL™ is celebrating three decades of sustainable fiber innovation.

Bast recast ©TENCEL™

For years, the TENCEL™ brand has been investing heavily in proprietary technologies that reduce the environmental impact during textile production and has been developing various platforms to support sustainability. The brand has been proud of its leadership to drive full-scale supply chain transparency in the textile business.

Let's take a look at a selection of milestones in the last 30 Years.

1992 - The start of a successful brand

The brand started in 1992 and since 1993, the fiber was used in Denim garments. Beginning in the Japanese market.

The 'Soft Denim' category was born.

1993 - Iconic brands

Several iconic brands started to adopt fabrics made out of TENCEL™ fibers; Calvin Klein, Guess, Esprit, Marithé et Francois Girbaud to name just a few.

1995 - A classic blend was born

A classic blend was born; 65% TENCEL™/35% cotton, which was adopted by Levi's in their Silvertab line in a super soft left-hand twill version.

Levi's adopted the blend in their Silvertab line

Newspaper ads form 1995

1999 - Raw comfort was born

Fusing fashion and technology, Levi’s reinvented the fabric, form and function of the basic blue jean. “With a blend of TENCEL™ and cotton, there’s strength and softness”.

2002 - Scrunch

Crease and crushed effects were trending strongly. The creased effect was the visual embodiment of comfort. TENCEL™ was a perfect vehicle due to unique swelling properties and created by an innovative garment finishing technique

2004 - Entered the luxury premium denim scene

Rich & Skinny saw the fabric as the premium base for launch of the new Rich & Skinny label. This was the major entrance for TENCEL™ brand into the west coast premium denim scene

2008 - Growing recognition

In the years from 2004 TENCEL™ fibers was used by many companies. Also used for pieced dyes and garment dyed products. Comparisons being made to washed silk, but without the technical issues. This saw a major up-take by mass retailers, particularly Zara. The Growing recognition about environmental leadership of TENCEL™ brand in fiber market including denim was a fact in 2008.

2012 - TENCEL™ fibers in Men's jeans & ladies skinny market

2013 - TENCEL™ chambray comes of age

A totally unique aesthetic chambray becomes the hottest indigo product. From Forever 21 via 7 for all mankind to Gucci.


TENCEL™ brand wil l continue to focus on producing carbon-zero innovations that make a difference to the textile and fashion industries. The next decade we will see more sustainability-driven innovations unveiled to actualize their 2050 vision.

We can only embrace it's innovations towards 'brighter blue' denim. We are looking forward to the coming 30 years. Congrats TENCEL™!

Bast recast ©TENCEL™

Bast recast ©TENCEL™

Bast recast ©TENCEL™

Bast recast ©TENCEL™


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