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The Denim talks at The Market Edition Part II

Coming Friday we have a nice 'denim talks program' at Amsterdam Denim Days The Market Edition Part II. It is free to visit, so join and get inspired!

All talks are on Friday October 21 in Denim City, upper floor.

13.00 SashikoDenim by Pey (canceled due to illness)

The story & Studio

His own ripped jeans were the start of his company. In 2015 his favourite blue's ripped at the knee way before they should have. His quest for the essence of any item took him to find the ancient art of Sashiko stitching. After hours of practice, tired eyes and bloody fingertips he got the hang of this slow way of repairing. From this point onwards he has repaired over countless jeans and jackets and started his own studio.

Please note this talk has been canceled due to illness.

14.30 Mohsin Sajid

Hemp: Fiber of the future

Mohsin is a denim designer and has a true passion for denim. Next to his designing projects he’s the founder of the Endrime brand, denim advisor for several companies and projects, and guest lecturer at many universities.

Mohsin will talk about hemp; the fibre of the future. Its history and its challenges going forward for the denim industry.

When grown, industrial hemp absorbs more CO2 than any forest or commercial crop!

16.00 Bryan Szabo & Thomas Stege Bojer

Whaddya Got? The rebellious roots of denim style

Bryan Szabo & Thomas Stege Bojer are the creative content team behind the site This week they launched a new book themed 'The Rebel's Wardrobe'.

The book features all the basics a man needs in his wardrobe, the cornerstones for rugged men.

Why is it called a polo shirt when it was invented by a tennis player? Did cable-knit sweaters actually help Atlantic islanders identify washed-up fishermen? Was Jacob Davis the first to use rivets to reinforce denim trousers? Those who are more than passingly curious about menswear have asked these questions or questions like them at some point.

Their new book - The Rebel’s Wardrobe - has the definitive answer to these questions and countless others. The book explores the often-surprising origins of the garments that have become so ingrained in our cultures and lifestyles that we find it difficult to imagine a world without them.

The book comes with 288 full-color pages and is made with a hardcover.

At Denim Days they will tell you all about it & afterwards

you can buy your signed copy from them.


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