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Black & Blue

Lange Hezelstraat 92

6511 CM Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Who are you and what is your role within the store?

My name is Barry van den Heuvel . I’m shop owner at Black and Blue Shop. I am my one and only employee. Black and Blue is basically a one man show. I do have a shop in shop construction with ByBoaz. He’s a leather craftsman and he’s with Black and Blue almost from the day we first opened doors In 2015.

Can you describe what kind of store you have, or working in?

Black and Blue is about denim, boots, hats and all the things I like. So next to the unwashed dry denims I sell Tivoli Audio. Why?? Because I like it. I’m also a big fan of hats and caps so you can finds them as well in my shop. I don’t sell stretch denim. No jeans with a washing. I want the pure stuff. That’s what I like, so that’s what I sell. I like the atmosphere to be relaxed. So no pushing customers, everybody is welcome and I’m more then happy to tell you about my philosophy. We don’t have a fancy coffee machine. We do it old-school. By the way we drink our coffee black. So if you like a coffee; it’s black. The pure stuff. No milk, no sugar.

If we’re having a beer, you can have one too. We don’t use that as a marketing tool. But if you like it in the shop you become a part of our “ brotherhood”. The shop looks raw, yet cosy. It’s not a smooth shop like many others. It’s different. You feel that when you walk in.

I always like to organize events. They go by a concept I really like myself. Beer, live music and getting to know my customers, new friends and people who are just curious for what we do; selling stuff on those days is not my main goal. I want to have a good time together with the peeps who like to hang out with us. Of course, it is possible to buy stuff during events but it’s more about making friends.

Which brands are the core of the store collection?

Lee010, Indigoferajeans, redwing, IronHeart, EdwinJeans, Ampal creative, Stanley, Stetson, Diefenthal1905, Tivoli Audio, Pendleton, Filson, shooloflifeprojects, Pikebrothers, EatDust and Carhartt(workwear).

Is there one brand in particular that is selling the best at the moment, which one is it, and why do you think it’s so successful?

Red Wing is one of our best brands, when it comes to denim it’s Iron Heart, Lee 101 and Edwin.

How do you select/spot new brands to add to the store?

Instagram, tips from friends, reading about it etc. And, tradeshows are a big inspiration

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Benzak, fit 707 - #1.

How important are social channels to the store these days?

Very important. They are a easy way to show customers what’s going on in the shop. It’s takes a lot of time though. But, I always try to post at least once a day. I don’t buy followers, I don’t play the game to collect as many as possible followers. My Instagram feed is like our coffee and jeans. REAL!!

Are selling other goods as well next to clothing, if so, what kind of products?

Tivoli Audio. Beautiful designed small audio equipment with great sound. All works on Bluetooth or wifi and are wireless connectable. Stanley brand, old school thermos, The Heritage Post magazine, Hot Sauces (cause I like them).

What can we expect in the future of the store?

When it comes to brands I don’t exactly know yet. But, in a few weeks I will have some great handmade leather/canvas backpacks by Kustom Kraft Workshop and there are some bands on my wishlist too, but I keep them to myself.

First thing I’m on is a descent party at Black and Blue. I want a kickass band, cold beers and a hangover the day after.


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