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VMC original store

Rindermarkt 8

8001 Zürich


Instagram ID: vmcoriginal

Who are you and what is your role within the store?

I’m Roger Hatt, Family Father, Business Owner, the cog that by spinning on its own axis makes sure the surrounding ones do so aswell and make the whole business work as intended.

Can you describe what kind of store you have, or working in?

The core value of our Store and Philosphy are garments with a soul, as in well and sometimes meticulously constructed with excellent quality of materials, preferably benchmade from smaller scale companies.

Which brands are the core of the store collection?

The true core brand is VMC and what it is made of: an array of great garments presented in a coherent manner by our knowledgeable crew! There will always be some brands by which you are recognized by as a store, I think it’s equally as important having a good relationship wit hit and not just being a stockshelf.

Is there one brand in particular that is selling the best at the moment, which one is it, and why do you think it’s so successful?

The best selling brand we have in our store is VMC, our customers often seek us in hopes of finding that special something which, how customers sometimes use to say, has the “VMC Factor” to it; bei t the overall fabric aesthetic, a certain quality of it like texture, sheen, colour, weight, drape and how it is put together as a whole.

How do you select/spot new brands to add to the store?

We try to put ourselfes in their skin and think: Why should that store and ultimately their customers buy our products and the cosystem surrounding it?

If we both can answer that question, that’s where it gets interesting.

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

There are so many, it’s also a constantly changing fact every time I go back into my wardrobe and rediscover a pair I didn’t wear in a long time.

At the moment I wear alot of At Last & Co and Iron Hear 634..

How important are social channels to the store these days?

They are important, as most things better consumed in a healthy quantity, the feedback in the community is important, the best passions are the ones we like to share with open minds.

What kind of music are you playing mostly in the store?

Mostly 60s to nowadays with genres ranging from funk to all shades of rock

Are selling other goods as well next to clothing, if so, what kind of products?

After clothing we sell a wide selection of welted Shoewear ranging from classical Allen Edmonds to Engineer Boots by John Lofgren and Clinch to name a few, we stock vintage and newer native american style jewellery, vintage Zippos starting from the 50s, Magazines…

What can we expect in the future of the store?

I think the future will be very interesting, for every aspect of it, for us in our ways of operating and how everything interacts, we’ll approach it with an open mind!


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