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Blue school

Kornoelje 20

2262 AX Leidschendam

The Netherlands

Instagram ID: @blueschooldenimstore

Who are you and what is your role within the store?

My name is Raymond van Uffelen and I am co-owner of the Blue School. Blue School is an extension of a new type of education, which is called Hybrid Education. Students are taught at school, are taught by teachers in the store and participate in practice with us. They must, under supervision, do everything to export a shop. The store is set up in a commercial way and we as entrepreneurs have to make sure we keep our pants up.

Can you describe what kind of store you have, or working in?

We are a denim store and consider sustainability to be a very important pillar within the store. We buy our collections from the brands ourselves and have a very strong denim package for both ladies and gentlemen.

Which brands are the core of the store collection?

In terms of sustainability in our denim package, these are Kuyichi and Kings of Indigo. In addition, Amsterdenim and, from January, Edwin will be available in the store too.

Is there one brand in particular that is selling the best at the moment, which one is it, and why do you think it’s so successful?

At the moment it is Kuyichi. The brand has been around for a while and at the time it was one of the first to that produced their jeans sustainable way. In addition to a very good fit, the durability is what customers really appreciate.

How do you select/spot new brands to add to the store?

We visit the trade fairs (if we can do that again), in addition, we follow many accounts on social media that deal with new brands.

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

The Jim Tapered Broken Blue Orange Selvedge by Kuyichi.

How important are social channels to the store these days?

Very important and indispensable. It is the perfect tool to reach your target group, to inform and to sell your clothes.

What kind of music are you playing mostly in the store?

The music we play is a mix of jazz, hip hop and house/lounge music. Diversity is important to create a good atmosphere in the store and to be inspiring for your customers.

Are you selling other goods as well next to clothing, if so, what kind of products?

Alfredo Gonzales socks. This product actually sells itself due to the striking prints

What can we expect in the future of the store?

We will bring the real denim story much more to the forefront in order to educate the student as best as possible in this beautiful story. It would be wonderful if there would be a younger version of “Wouter Munnichs (aka Long John)’’ on it.


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