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Boas; platform for authenticated second-hand jeans. Meet them at Denim Days market Oct. 2023

BOAS is a young platform for affordable 'vintage' denim - where all profits are donated to save young lives. On their fashion platform you will find authenticated second-hand jeans for women from leading brands such as Levi's, Wrangler, Emporio Armani, BOSS, and others. From skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans, they've got all the styles: slim, bootcut, straight leg, Levi's 501, high-rise, and much more. All for affordable dynamic prices.

BOAS isn't just about clothes – it's about changing lives. Their path is guided by the humble belief that change is within our grasp – one purchase, one step at a time.

They've got a big dream. They are striving to save the lives of many children, channeling the energy of their vintage fashion platform into a force for good.

Every time you buy something from their platform, it's like you're giving a helping hand. All the money they make goes to doing good things. Boas is paying their employees normal salaries, reinvest in their business so they can donate more later, pay their taxes and what is left in profits, they donate to organisations that save kids' lives.

All of their financials are 100% Transparent, so you can check how much they are spending and donating. Boas is still young and growing fast, which is why they don’t yet have any profits, but already making donations to show that they are serious.

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Their collective journey began amid racks of "fast fashion" that lack personality and seem as ephemeral as newspaper headlines. All too aware of the relentless marketing machinery that coaxes us into buying 'hot off the runway' styles year after year, Boas ignited a rebellion.

Fashion is an extension of 'who we are'. It's our canvas to express individuality, not a conveyor belt of carbon-copy styles. More importantly, it can become a means to challenge consumption norms, especially when one realizes that an abounding treasure of style lies dormant in preloved garments, just waiting to be explored.

You see, each time a 'preloved' piece finds a new home, they disrupt the cycle of manufacturing and purchasing anew with the sheer power of reuse – a powerful blow to our culture of 'wear and discard'. And here's the beauty of it: Not only do you acquire an item steeped in authenticity and character, but you also become an ambassador of sustainable fashion. Each preloved purchase is a mini revolution, a style statement that loudly proclaims 'I care for the planet’.

With BOAS, you can strut down the path of sustainable style and contributing to a better world. After all; ‘used-up’ is just a state of mind, not a statement of style.

Remember, true fashion never goes out of style - it simply gets passed on.

Meet them at coming Denim Days Market, 20 & 21 October 2023!


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