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Hen's Teeth; unique brand to meet at Denim Days Market October '23

We put the spotlight on an unique brand exhibiting at Denim Days Market 20 & 21 October 2023

This time up; Hen's Teeth from Italy

What a man really needs to be well dressed and timeless in all circumstances has to fit in one bag. A pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a pair of socks and a bandana. And this bag must be able to hang on the seat of a motorcycle. Done. From this brilliantly simple idea, Davide Biondi founded his casually exclusive brand that brings menswear icons to unsurpassable perfection.

One day, a couple of years ago, when - as is often the case with us men - Davide finds himself once again overwhelmed by the daily morning question of what to wear, the starting signal is given for what will one day become "Hen's Teeth"; though without Davide being aware of it at the time. He would prefer to just wear a perfectly cut and finished sweatshirt and an ideally fitting pair of jeans to go with it. So he starts making just that himself. He quickly adds a pair of socks, a bandana, and a perfect T-shirt that he adds graphics inspired by old army and motorcycle logos - that's all Davide needs to be happy. And the bag that all this has to fit in, he makes himself while he's at it. Everything is made in timeless designs and fabrics, in classic cuts and with the utmost attention to detail. And suddenly Davide knows very well that this will be his future and he will finally be able to combine everything he has always loved. Davide Biondi founds Hen's Teeth, and Hen's Teeth is Davide Biondi.

For Davide Biondi Hen’s Teeth originates from the wish to realize a timeless standard kit of cloths, anything you need contained in a bag. It is based on what history has always considered immortal icons, articles of clothing which are not temporary and, above all, strictly “Made in Italy”.

According to Davide - and we do agree - our world is obsessed with growth. Our entire human existence is condemned to unconditional growth, which cannot be stopped by anything or anyone, and whose complicit helpers are called capitalism and globalization. The large management consulting groups of this world have made an ice-cold business model out of this. As soon as you bring them in to analyze your own idea - let's say, for example, for a tasteful, sustainable and timeless clothing label - the very first thing they ask you with one hundred percent certainty is the "scalability" of the product.

Thank goodness Davide Biondi didn't listen to management consultants when he founded "Hen's Teeth" - he listened to his heart. And simply combined the three things that have inspired him since childhood: Clothes, graphic design and motorcycling.

Because while "handmade" has long since degenerated into a meaningless marketing slogan for many brands and often means nothing more than that someone has sewn in a label by hand during the manufacturing process, Hen's Teeth still really takes the term handmade by its word: Davide is a handmade extremist in the positive sense, because every, indeed every single step in the production of his beautiful pieces is unconditionally and uncompromisingly made by hand and passed through his own hands.

And thanks to the energetic female support of Marianna, there is already a small collection for women. Davide checks every cut, every seam, hammers in every rivet himself, labels, folds and packs each garment and sends it personally to his valued customers. Who still does such things, who still goes to such lengths these days? And not because they have to - but because they want to!

Hen's Teeth proves to us with casual, timeless understatement why they don't need management consultants: You can break the dictates of the growth terror. You can shit on scalability and expansion. Grazie, Davide!

Marianna & Davide

Meet them at Denim Days 20 & 21 October 2023!


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