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Covid Impact: A Short Film Series by Amy Leverton

The Covid Impact series came about because in April 2020 I had a little work but compared to normal, not much going on at all! Being someone who's passionate about the people in our industry and usually lacking the time to act on personal project ideas, it seemed a no-brainer to invest some time talking to our community.

Amy Leverton photo: Kate Berry

Lauren Steury and I are friends and she's a great content creator with a strong moral compass so I put the idea to her. We both believed it would not only make interesting and engaging content but would also serve to connect people during a time of such struggle and hopefully inspire people who were in need of hope and reassurance. We started filming in May but gradually work started coming back in for both of us so we had to balance the filming and editing around our day jobs. At times this was so hard but we are both really glad we pushed to get it done. It's been an honour to tell these people's stories.

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