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Exclusive screening of Denim Hunter film at Denim Days Market 20th October '23.

A roadmovie documentary starring Vikor Fredbäck, directed by Emilio Di Stefano and produced by Paul Blomgren for GötaFilm.

We meet Viktor Fredbäck, a regular guy from Sweden, but with a burning passion for old jeans that is sometimes hard for an outsider to fully comprehend. Not seldom does Viktor’s obsession with denim impact his family life, child, and work.

The film follows Viktor on his wild journey through the deserts of California, Arizona, Nevada as well as up the snowclad Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he hunts for denim treasures in hazardous run-down gold mines from the 1880:s.

Along the journey through the old American West Viktor comes across an array of unlikely desert characters, such as lndiana Jeans, Dynamite Dan, Cookie Monster and Redneck-Mike. In their own ways they all lead Viktor from one failure to the next.

The film is a high-paced adventure and aims to entertain a broad audience. It has a witty, creative and humorous tone, and is free from pretentiousness though it occasionally touches some thematic depths.

The film will be screened at The Gallery in De Hallen, part of Denim Days, and starts at 15.15 CET. For this special screening, Viktor Fredbäck and the director of the film Emilio Di Stefano are coming over to Amsterdam for a Q&A afterwards.

Come and join this exclusive screening!


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