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Second Sunrise

Katarina Bangata 69

11642 Stockholm


Instagram ID: @secondsunrise_sthlm

Who are you and what is your role within the store?

I’m Douglas Luhanko and I’m the store owner of Second Sunrise.

Can you describe what kind of store you have, or working in?

Second Sunrise is mainly a store for the love of small scale and well made products with a focus on denim. We combine it with a work space that features nine sewing machines, everything that we need to make in-house-small-scale production, as well as denim repairs. We have also written two books; one about indigo dyeing and one about mending clothes, so from time to time we host workshops on these topics in the store.

Which brands are the core of the store collection?

Indigofera, Buzz Rickson’s, Warehouse, Sugar Cane & Co, TCB Jeans, Momotaro, OrSlow to name a few.

Is there one brand in particular that is selling the best at the moment, which one is it, and why do you think it’s so successful?

We have had a great success lately with all brands that offers one wash jeans that has a high waist and straight wide legs. Such as 1947 from Sugar Cane, OrSlow 105, Indigofera Kirk and TCB 40s and 50s jeans. I think most of our customers are looking for a pair of jeans that will be easy to wear in ones everyday life without too much complexity when it comes to washes and thickness of the fabric. In our opinion, a favorite pair of jeans should be like a good friend and wearing them should make you feel comfortable and safe.

How do you select/spot new brands to add to the store?

We always keep our eyes open for interesting brands but mostly we try to work on our relationship with the brand we already represent. From time to time we get interesting tips from our friends and customers of brands that might be worth checking out.

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

At the moment I wear a pair of Tender Oxford jeans, I really appreciate Williams way of working with shape and fabric to create a way of expression thats unique to Tender. These jeans are also very wide legged and at the moment I feel most comfortable wearing this kind of fit.

How important are social channels to the store these days?

I would say that it is very important, we do our best to keep our followers informed with what goes around through our Instagram. But if you follow us, we will not only post about the garments that we have in store, but also share pictures from our Indigo related archive as well as pictures of repairs and clothes we make. Every once in a while we might also share a picture of a patch work quilt that we have been working on.

What kind of music are you playing mostly in the store?

Lately we have been listening a lot to Cola Boy, but we sure like variety. You can expect everything from classic blues to Japanese techno when you walk in to our store.

Are you selling other goods as well next to clothing, if so, what kind of products?

At the moment we have beautiful tea caddies made by Kaikado in Kyoto. These caddies has been made in the same traditional way since the 1890s and the philosophy behind the products is that they are made of brass, tin or copper and with years of usage these will darken and become personal, showing traces of your everyday life. Kind of like the same reason we love our well worn jeans for. The shape of these are also simplicity at its best form and it will be a caddie that will be hard to grow tired of.

We also have beautiful Putpet figures made by the artist Kenzi Ohtani in Japan. These are all hand made using recycled fabrics and the joyful expressions of these smiling dolls puts a smile on our faces every time we see them in our store :)

What can we expect in the future of the store?

Reliability and long lasting clothes spiced up with interesting objects that inspires us at the moment. We are also doing our best to find interesting women’s wear, it has been a part of Second Sunrise for years but we hope to see more of this in the future.

Hopefully we will also be able to make more 'made in Sweden' products with our own in house brand Blue Highway Clothing.


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